Kerikmäe Junolainen Law Office commits to the following principles of service:

  • We work for the benefit of your business and the achievement of your objectives by providing legal advice that suits your needs. If necessary, we will use top external consultants in addition to our skilled lawyers.
  • We are available when and where you need us. We respect deadlines and always deliver on what we promise. We will never promise to do what we cannot achieve.
  • Meie õigusalase nõustamise eesmärgiks on teie tegevusprobleemide ennetamine ja nende ärahoidmine, so riskide minimiseerimine.
  • We will communicate with you clearly and honestly. We will always agree with you any and all work that we do for you. We will tell you if the work is done better by someone else.
  • We charge a fair fee for our services. We will provide a detailed breakdown of our charges upon request. Any costs that we make for you will be passed on as they have been charged from us. We can provide you estimates of fees before we start work and we will let discuss with you immediately if there is a possibility that the fee estimate is in danger of being exceeded.