Our competences are divided into the following areas in which we already possess significant expertise:

Establishing and growing your business

We advise and assist in starting a business, and help you as it grows. We dedicate ourselves to understanding your company’s working methods and culture and adapt our services in a way that suits your goals best. We help you with standard or custom contracts, maintaining documentation, mergers, competition issues and anything else you need to focus on growing your business.

Protect and manage assets

We can conduct legal due diligence for you, whether it is for a merger or to better organise your contracts. We can represent you in managing your interests in negotiations with various branches of Estonian government or European institutions.

Analysing risks

We advise in your business or personal contracts in which we will look out for your interests and help to be aware of the risks involved. We help you with changing legal regulations by keeping your internal and external documentation up to date with any regulatory acts.

Resolving disputes

We help you to resolve any disputes, whether through mediation and facilitation services or representation in Estonian or European courts. Our goal is to offer solutions which provide the best possible outcome for you.